Waste Canvas for Cross Stitch

What is Waste Canvas and How to Use It

Waste CanvasYou can turn any fabric into a medium, or platform, for cross stitch with Waste Canvas.  Once you understand how to use Waste Canvas, you realize the name of the product pretty much describes its purpose and it will quickly become an essential product for anyone who enjoys cross stitching.

Waste Canvas is used to provide a removable, temporary canvas and evenweave grid for cross stitching on fabric other than aida cloth.  Once you have finished cross stitching, the canvas is “removed” leaving the cross stitched threads and image only on the fabric.  It in available in several grid sizes.

There are a few options available in these products.  One is a thread fabric that you literally remove the individual threads with tweezers after you have finished cross stitching.  The second option is a soluble  canvas that you literally wash away by dissolving it in water.  The biggest determining factor for which product you opt to use will be whether the medium fabric is washable.


Transform Any Fabric into Cross Stitch Material

Waste Canvas really is fabulous because it will allow any fabric or material to become a canvas for cross stitch.

With the Charles Croft Cross Stitch Fabric featured below, you tack the canvas onto the fabric of choice and cross stitch your design.  Remove the canvas by simply wetting it, then pull the grid threads out from under the stitched image with tweezers.


Projects that Use Waste Canvas

 Removable Waste Canvas for Counted Cross Stitch
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Honestly, you might want to use a removable canvas grid on just about any cross stitch project.  If you want the stitches directly on a fabric other than aida cloth, waste canvas is essential.

  • Clothing: Sweaters, Shirts, Dresses, Pockets, Socks, etc.
  • Baby Clothes
  • Afghans
  • Pillows
  • Hand Towels
  • Tree Skirts
  • Stockings
  • Ornaments
  • Photo Albums
  • Pictures

Truthfully, the list is endless.


Water Soluble Waste Canvas

If your fabric is washable, you may prefer the water soluble canvas.  It is truly a remarkable product. The grid literally dissolves and washes away.


 Water Soluble Cross Stitch Canvas – 14 Count
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One Important Note Before Your Start:  You will want to use a sharp embroidery needle because you will be cross stitching through a layer of fabric instead of simply the holes in evenweave aida cloth most often associated with cross stitching.


Regardless of whether your choose removable or soluble, I think we can all agree that Waste Canvas is Essential!


Waste Canvas for Cross Stitch