Patriotic American Cross Stitch Kits

Patriotic American cross stitch kitsMany of us enjoy decorating our homes with beautiful patriotic American cross stitch pictures.  As the weather starts to warm up, our hearts warm to the memories of family and friends who have served in the US military.  We also remember the many who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Each spring and summer we celebrate several patriotic American holidays beginning with Memorial Day in May.  Our celebrations continue through Flag Day in June.  Then right on to everyone’s favorite celebration, the 4th of July.  You may also wish to include the Constitution Day in September on your list of patriotic celebrations.

However, truth be told, Americans are patriotic and loyal to our country year round. We recognize the blessing of birth in this fabulous nation and we embrace the red, white and blue colors that represent our homeland.

Not only are the U.S. flag colors symbolic, but they are also a beautiful combination of color that can be enjoyed throughout our homes.


The Patriotic Cross Stitch Angel Cross Stitch Kit

 Dimensions Needlecrafts
Counted Cross Stitch, Patriotic Angel
This beautiful patriotic angel is my personal favorite.  Her lovely face reflects innocence and purity, just as the white represents in our flag.  Her dress is a gorgeous design of flowing red, white and blue which immediately brings to mind the flag billowing in the breeze.  She holds the dove which represents the peace we all desire.

Words from the Declaration of Independence are stitched in gold behind the angel symbolizing the strength behind our nation and evidence of the faith our country has been built upon.

This featured kit includes 18 count navy aida cloth, the cotton and metallic threads, plus easy instructions to follow.  This kit is counted cross stitch and when finished, will measure 5″ x 7″.


Freedom Eagle Cross Stitch Kit

My husband is crazy about the American eagle.  This cross stitch picture would be the perfect addition to his office area in our home.  Not only does it prominently feature that fantastic eagle, but the American flag serves as the backdrop for the image.  It would certainly be an honor to stitch and display this beautiful picture.

 Dimensions No Count Cross Stitch Kit-Freedom Eagle

Since this kit is not currently available on Amazon, I recommend Ebay

Patriotic American Miniature Cross Stitch Kits

There are several miniature cross stitch kits that the patriotic American might wish to consider for their home.  These kits could be stitched and framed as a small picture for a table top or mantel.  Or, perhaps you would prefer to made the pictures into magnets or lapel pins by simply gluing a magnet or jewelry pin to the back of the finished picture.

I absolutely adore the Mill Hill cross stitch kits because they include the lovely embellishments in the kits.

 Patriotic Star Beaded Counted Cross Stitch Kit MH183101 Mill Hill 2013 Spring Bouquet American Eagle Beaded Counted Cross Stitch Patriotic Ornament Kit Mill Hill 2008 Autumn Harvest Mill Hill Beads and Button Cross Stitch Kit – God Bless America

Patriotic American cross stitch kits