Fabulous Cross Stitch Christmas Pattern Books

The Better Homes and Garden Cross Stitch Christmas collection is my favorite set of cross stitch books for several reasons. For starters, they publish a new book each year, so my library continues to grow and to be filled with fabulous cross stitch patterns just waiting for me to make.

But the biggest reason I prefer these books to others is simply because of their colored, easy to follow patterns.

Let me show you what I mean.


A Sample of a Pattern in the Books

Cross Stitch Pattern Sample

Here is a sample of one of the patterns in the books. I wanted you to be able to see for yourself how easy these patterns are to read.

Having legible and easy to follow instructions can make a world of difference to how quickly we are able to stitch a project.

The patterns in these books are truly exceptional!

Cross-stitchers celebrate Christmas in extraordinary ways!

Cross Stitch Christmas Books by BH&G

Now that I have shown you the fabulous detail of their patterns, allow me to show you “inside” a few of my favorite cross stitch pattern books. I am only showing four projects per book simply because they are way too many to feature here. However, I assure you, each book is filled with awesome cross stitch projects and will make a wonderful addition to your craft library.

 A Cross-Stitch Christmas: Heartfelt HolidaysCheck Price

Cross Stitch Christmas: Heartfelt Holidays

Designers from around the world created beautiful wall hangings, stunning stockings, awesome ornaments and gifts galore that are sure to touch your heart!

Take a look below at some of the projects in this awesome book. Don’t they just seem to call you to grab your needle and start cross stitching.


Projects from Heartfelt Holidays

heartfelt holidays




Cross Stitch Christmas: Season of Joy

The holidays bring out the giving spirit in everyone, but it is important to remember to treat yourself as well. I admit, I own very few of the wonderful cross stitch projects I have made over the years.

This book features a wonderful assortment of holiday designs to help you share the merriment of the season! Just don’t forget to give yourself a little something too.


A Few Projects from Season of Joy

season of joy



Cross Stitch Christmas: A Cross-Stitch Christmas: Share the Joy (Better Homes & Gardens)Check Price

Share the Joy

You will find a delightful collection of holiday cross stitch projects in this BH&G book!

Many of the cross stitch projects featured in this book are fast and easy.

Why not tuck a few hand-stitched gifts under the tree this year to share your joy of the season and stitching?

Projects from Share the Joy

Share the Joy Christmas Cross Stitch Book


  A Christmas to RememberCheck Price
Cross Stitch Christmas: A Christmas to Remember

The name pretty much says it all. Make this a Christmas to remember by creating lovely gifts that are sure to be priceless treasures to the recipient.

This book provides a wide range of designs from quick and easy to magnificent heirloom pieces that require more time, plus a higher level of experience!


A Few Projects from A Christmas to Remember


 A Cross-Stitch Christmas: Handmade Heirlooms (Better Homes and Gardens)Check Price
Cross Stitch Christmas: Handmade Heirlooms

In this book, you will find a wonder of Christmas designs in a wide range of skill requirements

Keep in mind as your are perusing these books, just because a design is featured on a particular item doesn’t mean they would only be appropriate for that project. You could easily take a design shown on the stockings and stitch them on hand towels or trivets.


Projects from Handmade Heirlooms

handmade heirlooms



 A Cross-Stitch Christmas; Celebrations in StitchesCheck Price
Cross Stitch Christmas: Celebration in Stitches

Whatever your stitching style, this collection of designs was written for you! These projects are beautiful holiday pieces you’ll want to display all year.

Of course, it could easily take you all year to make everything you see in this book that you wish to stitch. So, you better get started early!


A Few Projects in Celebration in Stitches

celebration in stitches


Cross Stitch Books by BH&G

Each Cross Stitch Christmas book offers a wide variety of designs with a range of skill levels from easy to experienced. Not only do they include patterns for gorgeous pictures, the books also offer cross stitch patterns for ornaments, stockings, wall hangings, banners, towels, jelly jar toppers and more.

The books featured in this article are only a few of the annual cross stitch books that BH&G publishes each year.


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All Project Photos are Scanned Photos from Each Book