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Cross Stitch in Time Welcome to A Cross Stitch in Time Where It’s Always time for Cross Stitch!

Because cross stitch is, by far, the easiest embroidery stitch, it is often the first kind of sewing kit many of us venture to try.  When we first experience the stunning results that cross stitch provides, we are excited to move from one kit to the next as it offers hours of entertainment as well as beautiful works of needle art to display and/or give as gifts.   Personally, I have over 40 years of cross stitch experience and I still love discovering new kits, designs and supplies.  There really are some items that make cross stitching even easier, if you can believe it, like magnifying glasses and floor frames, which have become my most “valuable” assets when stitching.

Join me and my fellow cross stitchers as we discover and share fabulous cross stitch kits, patterns, books, and supplies.  We also offer tutorials, basic instructions, and more about cross stitch including how to add beads to your cross stitch projects.


Basic Cross Stitch Instructions

If you have never picked up a needle to cross stitch, or if you simply need a few reminders on the basics, you will want to visit the article featured below.   It is an easy step by step tutorial on How to Cross Stitch.   It provides an introduction to the basic supplies needed, shows you how to start a cross stitch project and teaches how to “hide your tail”.

Even an experienced cross-stitcher may find a few tips and tricks they have never seen before.


Cross Stitch - Basics Tutorial

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Again, welcome to “A Cross Stitch in Time”!   We sincerely hope we will be able to help you find everything you need to leave your mark in time with fabulous cross stitch projects.