Cross Stitch Floss Organizer & Storage

Cross Stitch Floss OrganizersWhen you start cross stitching, it doesn’t take long to realize that you need a way to organize your cross stitch floss.  Not only do you need storage for unused floss, you need a project floss organizer card for each project.  It should also be an organizer that allows for each color to be clearly separated and labeled.

Many cross stitch projects have dozens of different shades and colors of floss that are needed to complete the image.  The last thing anyone wants is to have to stop stitching to search for a specific floss color in order to continue.  Whats worse, is to discover that you are out of the floss color that you are currently stitching.

Below, you will find several floss organization options.  Choose the ones that best fits your preferences and needs.   I have a large storage cabinet for unused floss, but I always create a card for each project.  It takes a bit of time in the beginning to make the card, but it saves a ton of time to have the threads already separated and labeled when you are actually working on a picture.


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Cross Stitch Project Floss Organizer Card

It may seem tedious to separate the floss before you start a cross stitch project.  After all, you are most likely anxious to get the stitching started.  However, you will find that doing this project organization preparation will save tons of valuable stitching time.

If you have a project that requires 20 or less different floss colors, then you will want the card shown below on the left.  If your project requires several skeins of the same color, yet has a variety of shades and/or colors, then you will most likely prefer the card shown below on the right.  The larger holes allow for more of the same color to be hung on the card.

You can either write the floss numbers on a card yourself, or use the stickers shown on the right to label the colors adjacent to each hole.  I tend to reuse my cards, therefore I prefer the stickers that I can pull off after I have completed a project.

Alternatively, in a pinch, I even made my own project card.  You will find the tutorial by clicking the link here.

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Floss Stitch Storage

Most of us end up with a lot of left over floss from every project.  You never know when you might need that thread.  Therefore, it is a really good idea to keep the extra thread stored and labeled.  These storage boxes or bags offer a great way to store individual skeins or leftover thread.  Be sure you label every thread color, card or bag.


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