Bunny Rabbit Cross Stitch Kits & Patterns

Bunny rabbits are always popular. Whether they are the focus of a lovely picture, or simply added for interest, they are always adored. Cross Stitch is also popular because it is the easiest needlework stitch. It is easy to create a lovely picture in cross stitch stitches. Because both bunnies and cross stitch are popular, the two together are a perfect match.


Bunnies in Love Cross Stitch Kit

 Cross Stitch DIY Hand Needlework Kits 11CT Stamped Cross Stitch KitsCheck Price

This is a totally adorable image of two bunnies in the snow.  The little brown bunny appears as if she is kissing the grey bunny to create a beautiful picture of love.  They are just so sweet!

Kit Includes:

  • Stamped Fabric
  • Thread
  • Needle(s)
  • Chart for Back-up

Finished Size:  8″ x 7″


Dimensions Cross Stitch Kit

 Dimensions Cross Stitch Barbara’s Collectibles

This pretty white bunny is part of the “collectibles” on Barbara’s table. The necklace of flowers draped around the bunnies neck matches the flowers in the wreath and topiary. What a lovely image creation for anyone who loves florals, blues and pinks, not to mention white rabbits.

Kit Includes:

  • Stamped 14 Count White Aida Fabric
  • Floss
  • Needle
  • Easy Instructions

Finished Size: 16″ x 10″


Family of Bunnies in the Snow Cross Stitch Kit

 Vervaco Rabbits in the Snow Cross Stitch Kit

White snow is the perfect background for the neutral brown colors of bunny rabbits. This family of bunnies appears to be searching for food in the winter snow.

Kit Includes:

  • 14 Count Ecru Aida
  • Floss
  • Chart & Instructions
  • Needle

Finished Size: 7″ x 13″


Rabbits in a Field of Flowers Cross Stitch Kit

 Rabbits in a Field of FlowerCheck Price

Beautiful spring flowers also make a lovely background, or foreground, for bunnies. In nature, rabbits are often observed in a field of flowers simply because they are a bunnies food source. The natural scene certainly makes a very pretty picture for us and our homes.

Kit Includes:

  • 14 Count White Aida
  • DMC Floss
  • Counted Cross Stitch Chart

Finished Size: 10¾” x 7¼”


Cross Stitch Bunny Rabbit on a Table Runner”

 Vervaco Counted Cross Stitch Table Runner Kit 12.8Check Price

We often see finished cross stitch pictures framed and hanging on the wall. However, needlework can be stitched on other home decor. This gorgeous picture is stitched on a table runner. This rabbit would be beautiful on any dining room table or buffet.

Kit Includes:

  • 11 Count White Aida
  • DMC Floss
  • Counted Cross Stitch Chart

Finished Size: 12.8″ x 33.6″


Bunny Cross Stitch Patterns

Most cross-stitchers have a library of patterns and pattern books. We almost seem to collect them, but in fact, we are simply waiting for the right moment to stitch something beautiful. Here are some great bunny cross stitch patterns. They are all adorable and I have even included the most beloved Peter Rabbit patterns for you to consider for your library of patterns.

 Bunnies Cross Stitch Craft Pattern Pamphlet #3537Check Price Baby Bunny Out for an Evening Frolic, Animal Counted Cross Stitch Pattern (Pattern Only, You Provide the Floss and Fabric)Check Price The Tale of Benjamin Bunny Cross Stitch Pattern BookletCheck Price Bunnies Galore: 50 Designs to Cross StitchCheck Price


Bunny Cross Stitch kits and patterns