Halloween Cross Stitch Picture Kits

Halloween cross stitch kits - Special Halloween treats and home decorWhy not bring a little Halloween into your cross stitch world?  Black cats, owls, pumpkins and bats are fabulous year round, but they take on an especially awesome appeal for Halloween.  In addition, we can add witches, skulls and haunted houses to our cross stitch designs for Halloween.

A Halloween cross stitch picture would be the perfect treat for your favorite trick or treater.  Of course, it would be a wonderful addition to any Halloween decor in any home.

Here are a few of my personal favorite Halloween cross stitch picture kits.  I hope you find one that you would enjoy making too.  I would love to hear which is your favorite, so please leave your comment below.


The Haunted House Cross Stitch Kit

 Haunted Mansion – Cross Stitch KitCheck PriceThis Haunted Mansion kit gives you the opportunity to include it all!  If you look closely, you will see what could be Dracula in the window.  The house is surrounded by bats and the little trick-or-treater is a pumpkin carrying ghost.

The little ghost is a button charm that you sew onto the pattern which makes it stand out as a off center focal element.  The entire setting is illuminated by a full moon.

Finished Size:  5″ x 5″

Mill Hill Kit contains chart and instructions, glass beads and button, glow in the dark thread, perforated paper, needle and cotton thread.

One Note about this kit:  Since it only comes with perforated paper, I would purchase a square of navy aida cloth to use instead of the paper for a sturdier finished picture.

Even though it does not include aida cloth, I would still highly recommend this kit for all of the other supplies and the cute as a button ghost charm.  It is definitely worth the nominal cost.


The Black Cat Cross Stitch Kit

Black cats do have a rather mysterious appearance.  Couple that with the natural instinct of most cats to be elusive, we have the ideal Halloween creature.  Black goes perfectly with the autumn colors of orange and deep hue reds.  A black cat also makes a stunning contrast to a big, white or yellow moon.

 Taboo Kitty Beaded Counted Cross Stitch Ornament Kit Mill Hill 2019 Autumn Harvest MH181921Check Price Mill Hill MH14-1206 Moonlit Kitties Beaded Counted Cross Stitch Kit Buttons & Beads 2011 Autumn SeriesCheck Price Wendy’s Cat Beaded Halloween Counted Cross Stitch Kit Mill Hill 2105 Autumn Harvest MH185206Check Price


The Witch Cross Stitch Kit

 Mirabilia Minerva LINEN Kit Beaded Counted Cross Stitch by Nora Corbett Designs NC221 Bewitching Pixies (Bundle: Chart, Fabric, Beads)Check PriceHalloween would not be quite the same without the dreaded wicked witch to scare the wits out of all of us.  The iconic Halloween witch is a symbol we all love to hate.  For many of us, the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz has become the standard image of a witch, but long before the Wizard of Oz, we had fairy-tales that featured witches.  Stories like Hanzel and Gretel or Snow White taught us to be fearful of witches.  Therefore, it is hard to have a spooky night of fun and festivities without a witch in our midst.

However, as adults we realize that you can’t always tell a witch by the way she looks.  Perhaps, it is necessary to taste her brew before you realize you are completely under her spell.

This Bewitching Pixie design is a lovely representation of a beautiful, yet very dangerous witch.

Finished Size:  Approx. 8″ wide x 10.5″ tall

Kit includes complete instructions and graph, as well as, the linen fabric and the embellishing beads.  However, this kit does not include the floss.  The required DMC floss recommendations are included in the instructions.


Ghost Cross Stitch Kit

 Ghost Dance – Cross Stitch KitCheck PriceGhosts are everywhere on Halloween!  They come to our doors as little trick-or-treaters.  We decorate our homes inside and out with ghosts.  Plus, we watch scary ghost movies on Halloween.  Therefore, we must have a ghost cross stitch kit.

These dancing ghosts appear to be having a wonderful celebration and they really don’t seem the least bit scary.  Of course, if any of us had one float through our room, they might be rather creepy indeed.

Finished Size:  5″ x 5″

Mill Hill Kit contains chart and instructions, glass beads and button, perforated paper, needle and cotton thread.

The bat is a button charm that you sew onto the finished cross stitch picture.


Something Sweet for Halloween

For those of us who don’t particularly like the scary or macabre images, I will leave you with something sweet.  After all, Halloween is also all about the sweet treats.

This particular kit is a stamped cross stitch kit.  That simply means that the pattern is pre-stamped on the fabric. 

 Cross Stitch Kits Stamped Starter Kits for Beginners,cross stitch kits for adults,cross stitch patterns, DIY 11CT 3 Strands-printed kits Halloween Cat (printed) 48×45cmCheck Price




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Halloween Cross Stitch Picture Kits make a great treat and beautiful Halloween decor