Big Cats in Cross Stitch Kits

Lions, Tigers, Jaguars, Snow Leopard Cross Stitch KitsMany of us lovingly admire the big cats from a distance and enjoy recreating their image in cross stitch pictures.  Schools will often choose a tiger, a leopard, a jaguar, a panther, or one of the big cats as their mascots.  I suspect that has to do with how fierce or fast the actual animal is in the wild.  In sports, we want the image of a worthy adversary presented to our competitors.

Aside from sports, the big cats have gorgeous fur.  Humans equate that fur with warmth or luxury.  It is a natural survival instinct to desire protective “skin” and fur.  Even if we can’t consciously identify the reason behind the attraction, we are admire the animal.

Snow Leopard Cross Stitch Kit

CaptainCrafts Hots Cross Stitch Kits Patterns Embroidery Kit - Snow Leopard (WHITE)CaptainCrafts Hots Cross Stitch Kits Patterns Embroidery Kit – Snow Leopard (WHITE)Check Price

One of my personal favorite is a big cat that I can only see when visiting the zoo.  The Snow Leopard is only indigenous to mountainous areas in Asia.  Even though the snow leopard is carnivorous, the do not attack humans.  Perhaps that is the main reason I adore this big cat.  It would be no more dangerous to me than a large breed domestic dog.  Therefore, I don’t fear a snow leopard.

The Snow Leopard would be a delight to cross stitch and hang in my home.  The kit is available in either counted cross stitch (white) or stamped cross stitch.  Both kits include fabric, thread, needles and the instructions to stitch this lovely picture.

Learn More About the Real Animal by Clicking Here:  Snow Leopards

The Snow Leopard Kit that is shown may not currently be available on Amazon. Click HERE to Check Availability on Ebay.

Tiger Cross Stitch Kit

Bucilla Heirloom Collection Counted Cross Stitch Kit, 12 by 16-Inch, 45432 Siberian TigerBucilla Heirloom Collection Counted Cross Stitch Kit, 12 by 16-Inch, 45432 Siberian TigerCheck Price

There are a lot of tiger fans out there which makes this kit a very popular choice.  Several colleges and universities have the tiger as their mascot.  He is simply magnificent!

Bucilla has long been a name we could trust for exceptional cross stitch kits.  This particular kit is from their heirloom collection which is renowned for exquisite details and shading in the pattern.  The kit contains a color chart, the floss, and instructions.

The kit does not contain the frame shown in the picture.

Jaguar Cross Stitch Kit

Janlynn Jaguar Swimming Counted Cross Stitch KitJanlynn Jaguar Swimming Counted Cross Stitch KitCheck Price

Unlike the snow leopard or the tiger, the jaguar is indigenous to the United States.  While it is widely believed that the Jaguar has been eliminated in the US, that may not be completely accurate.  There have been a few individual sightings in the mountains of Arizona in recent years.

Like the snow leopard, the Jaguar has beautiful spotted fur.

This kit is made by Janlynn which is another recognized name for fabulous cross stitch kits.  The jaguar kit comes with the fabric, thread and instructions.  As you can see in the photo, the finished picture is of a swimming jaguar.

The Swimming Jaguar may not be currently available on Amazon (shown on right). Click HERE to Check Kit Availability on Ebay

Lion Cross Stitch Kit

The big cat cross stitch collection would not be complete without the king of the jungle.  This lion and lioness picture portrays them in their natural environment, free and wild.

 Dimensions Gold Collection African Lions Counted Cross Stitch Kit: 18×10Check Price

The African Lions Cross Stitch Kit shown above may not be available on Amazon. Click HERE to check availability on Ebay.

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