How to Add Beads to Cross Stitch Projects

Cross stitch with beadsAny cross stitch project can be enhanced and detailed with beads. It is extremely easy to add seed beads, whether a pattern shows them or not. You can even add beads to a finished cross stitch project and give it new life. If you add beads while making your cross stitch item originally, simply add them on the floss itself as you go. However, if you are adding them to a finished cross stitch project, you will need to use the clear thread to add the beads.

Select the beads that you believe will best accent your cross stitch project. I frequently use clear beads simply because I am adding dimension and not color.


Cross stitch with beads
Clear Beads Shown on My Needle with White Floss


However, you could certainly use colored beads, especially in an area that is already a color. Simply select a color that matches the floss. Look at the pine cone shown above. You will note the only white beads were added to look like a touch of snow on each petal of the pine cone.

Here are a few ideas and suggestions for patterns and projects that would look lovely with added embellishments.


Cross Stitch Books An Excellent Resource for Cross Stitch Patterns

The books featured below are great books to give you a large collection of designs you can use for your Beaded Cross Stitch projects for cross stitch pictures, decorations, household items, sachets, napkins, ornaments, gift tags, stockings designs, special holiday items you can use year after year. Any of these items can be beautifully enhanced with seed beads.

These designs will give you a great place to start when making fabulous Beaded Cross Stitch projects and you will have enough designs in this one book to last for years to come.

 Christmas Cross-Stitch TreasuresCheck Price Storyland Cross Stitch: 15 Projects and a Free Gift for Your Stitching PleasureCheck Price


Selecting the Bead Size

Selecting the correct bead size can be a little confusing. It would certainly be nice if the size bead was the same number as the count number in the aida cloth. However, that is not the case. It is based on the size of a single stitch.

Because you want them to enhance a project, not overpower it, you need to purchase the correct bead size based on the size of your aida cloth. The proper match of bead and aida cloth would be a bead the same size as a single cross stitch.

Here is a general guide for bead size to use

Size 11 seed beads on 14 count Aida cloth

Size 15 seed beads on 18 count Aida cloth


Christmas Cross Stitch Kits are Extremely Popular and Perfect for Beaded Cross Stitch

Simply add you own beads!

Stockings and samplers make fabulous Christmas Beaded Cross Stitch projects for yourself or for gifts. The samplers make great keepsake gift tags, and the stockings can be personalized with a name or initials so they are kept for years to come.

Another idea…

The ‘stocking ornaments’ can also be used as gift tags, just as the gift tags could be used as ornaments.

Keep an open mind when you are crafting and you will soon discover amazing adaptations are going to be your best tactic to creating unique items.


Popular Christmas Cross Stitch Kits Perfect for Beads

The most popular

Christmas Beaded Cross Stitch Kits

Are Personalized.


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The Beaded Cross Stitch Kit in the Introduction

You can always purchase kits that include the beads. The pine cone ornament in the introduction is an example of a kit that comes with them included. The instructions for cross stitching with beads are the same whether you purchase a kit that includes them already or not.

Pinecone Beaded Counted Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament Kit Mill Hill 2015 Winter Holiday MH185304Check Price