Angels Cross Stitch Kits

Angels Cross Stitch KitsAngels are important to many of us for a variety of reasons year round.  Plus, they are a big part of Christmas decorations and home decor.  That makes them a highly desired cross stitch kit.  In addition to their spiritual significance, angels are often depicted with gorgeous gowns, beautiful faces, animals and children.  The guidance and care angels provide appeals to everyone.

Angels with Animals
Some of my personal favorites are angels with animals.  I love the visual image of a lovely angel holding a precious animal.  Doves, deer, and bunny rabbits represent the creatures in our world that need protecting.  Seeing a beautifully dressed angel holding a woodland animal without regard or concern for her apparel, reflects what she considers most important.

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Angels with Children Cross Stitch Kits

The protection offered to our children by an angel, gives us all a sense of peace and security.  We can’t always be with our children.  Mothers and fathers want to believe their children are being guided and protected by celestial beings.

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Beautiful Angel Cross Stitch Kits

Beautiful angels are often part of a home’s decor. Finding the one that appeals to you, or one that compliments your home decor, isn’t always easy. When we see an angel cross stitch kit that we love, we need to buy it immediately, even if we aren’t going to get to work on it soon. Too often, I have seen a cross stitch kit I love and didn’t buy it.  Later, I wish I had it, but I can no longer find it.  Or if I do find it, it is extremely expensive.

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Angels Cross Stitch Kits