Cross Stitch Christmas Books by Better Homes and Gardens

A Cross Stitch Christmas Books by Better Homes & GardensMy Favorite Cross Stitch Books

My all time favorite cross stitch pattern books are the Cross Stitch Christmas collection from Better Homes and Gardens.

There are so many fabulous patterns in these books, that it is often really hard to decide which one to make first.

Each book offers a wide variety of designs with a range of skill levels from easy to experienced. In addition to the standard picture cross stitch patterns, the books also give instructions for making a multitude of different gifts like towels, ornaments, stockings, banners, wall hangings and jelly jar toppers.

The patterns are all in color and large enough to easily read. Perhaps, that is the biggest reason I prefer these books to others.

I have featured four of my favorite projects from each book, but these books are all filled with patterns, instructions and beautiful photos of finished items.


We stitch with our Hands – and our Hearts – to create Treasures that will be Cherished


Timeless Treasures

Timeless Treasures from A Cross Stitch Christmas
Timeless Treasures – Click to Purchase

This book features a collection of cross stitch patterns that reflects a variety of styles from whimsical to traditional and a variety of skill is required from easy to difficult, but they are all beautifully classic!

From beautiful table settings to pillows and pictures, you will find a great selection of home decor in cross stitch.


A Few Projects from Timeless Treasures

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Cross Stitch Christmas: Holiday Memories

Holiday Memories Book from A Cross Stitch Christmas
Holiday Memories – Click to Purchase

Each year as loved ones hang stitched stocking on the mantel or handcrafted ornaments on the tree, they will think of you and the time you took to create a personalized gift.

This book includes an array of projects that will inspire your creativity with a wide variety of designs and gift ideas! Just as the title suggests, your are sure to be creating some wonderful holiday memories and treasured creations for your loved ones.


A Few Projects from Holiday Memories

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Cross Stitch Christmas: From Hand and Heart

From Hand & Heart - Cross Stitch Christmas book
From Hand & Heart Book – Click to Purchase

Whether you are new to cross stitch or a needlework connoisseur, you are sure to find hours of enjoyment stitching the projects in this book.

It features a ton of fabulous cross stitch patterns that include stockings, table runners, beautiful Christmas pictures and much more.


A Few Projects from Hand and Heart

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A Cross-Stitch Christmas: Needlework Treasures

Needlework Treasure Cross Stitch Christmas Book
Needlework Treasures – Click to Purchase

To help you create your own festive trims and treasured keepsakes, this book is filled with fabulous ornaments and decorations to suit every taste and skill level!

The hardest part will be selecting which cross stitch pattern or project you wish to stitch first.



A Few Projects from Needlework Treasures

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Cross Stitch Christmas: The Season for Stitching

The Season of Stitching Cross Stitch Book
The Season of Stitching – Click to Purchase

Christmas is a magical time with it’s warm wishes, gifts of love, and enchanting decorations.

This book features a collection of projects created to fulfill your stitching fantasies and help make this the best Christmas ever!

Cross stitching on apparel may seem a bit more challenging. However, BH&G gives excellent directions. Before you know it, you will be lounging in a beautiful robe yourself cross stitching your next project. Perhaps, you will give that one as a gift.

A Few Projects from The Season for Stitching

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Better Homes & Gardens Cross Stitch Christmas Books

The featured books in this article are only a few of my favorite cross stitch books in my own personal library. As with so many craft books, you really cannot go wrong with any of the Better Homes & Garden cross stitch books. They always have a huge variety of projects with detailed instructions.

In my article, Fabulous Cross Stitch Christmas Pattern Books, I even show you a picture of one of the patterns so you can see for yourself the fabulous colored detail of a cross stitch pattern in the BH&G Cross Stitch Christmas books.


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