Just CrossStitch Halloween Magazines ~ Special Collectors Editions

Just CrossStitch Halloween Special Collector's Edition MagazineJust CrossStitch is one of the few magazines I still personally subscribe to. With so much available online these days, magazines have almost become a thing of the past. However, Just CrossStitch is simply too fabulous to drop. I love flipping thought this magazine full of great patterns, and I am especially fond of the Halloween edition.

I got hooked on “Just CrossStitch” several years ago when I was selecting some magazines at the bookstore to read in the car as we drove to our vacation destination. Because the subscription is so expensive, there have been a few years that I have had to let it lapse, but I still try to buy their Halloween and Christmas editions separately.

The Halloween “Just CrossStitch” special edition is always filled with an assortment of fantastic patterns. Even if I don’t plan to stitch one right away, I keep the magazines for the future projects.


Just CrossStitch Halloween
Special Collector’s Edition Magazines

You don’t need to subscribe to get a copy of the Halloween edition of Just CrossStitch. They are available in bookstores for a limited time, but you can often find them on Amazon years later. That is a great way to fill in a collection with the years missed. Even if they are gently used, they are definitely worth buying and keeping.

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Just CrossStitch Magazine on CD

During those leaner years when I had to cut back on expenses, I discovered that Halloween issues for several years were available together on one CD. A CD is so much easier to store! I miss flipping through the magazines, but at least I still have the patterns. It truly is a wonderful way to archive fantastic Halloween cross stitch patterns.

 Just CrossStitch Halloween Collection 2011-2014 CDCheck Price


Just CrossStitch Halloween Special Collector's Issue Magazine