Thanksgiving Beaded Cross Stitch Kits

Squirrel Beaded Cross Stitch KitI still remember a beaded tablecloth my Grandmother had on her table every Thanksgiving. In my mind, it was the most beautiful bead work I have ever seen because of the associated family memories. I know these Thanksgiving Beaded Cross Stitch Kits offer that same magical memory for current day generations. I’m sure these kits will provide you with what you need to create an heirloom quality project which will be enjoyed today and then passed on for future generations.

On this page you will find a variety of Thanksgiving Cross Stitch kits that already include everything you need to make them. Plus, I have featured the supply list and information you would need to create you own amazing Thanksgiving projects for yourself, or for family and friends. The cross stitch tutorials (videos and kits) will provide you with the skills you need to create amazing keepsakes.


Beaded Thanksgiving Cross Stitch Kits for Beginners

Thanksgiving Beaded Cross Stitch Kits that Include Everything Needed

Thanksgiving beaded cross stitch kitsThese kits are very easy and quick to complete. They are also a great introduction to cross stitching with beads for anyone. Because each of the kits is small, an experienced cross-stitcher could finish them in a few hours. However, they are also quite perfect for the beginner simply because they are so small. Plus, they will quickly render a reward which always offers encouragement to continue in any endeavor.

Most kits include a pin back to be glued to the back of the completed picture. If you prefer, you could glue a small magnet on the back instead to make a refrigerator magnet. That is usually what I do since I don’t often wear pins myself.

In the kits below, you will note I included a football. I do realize the football is not a traditional “Thanksgiving” kit, but it is definitely an autumn image and is most often what the men are spending Thanksgiving day doing.

(Note: The refrigerator magnet would, of course, have to be purchased separately.)

 Tom Turkey Beaded Thanksgiving Counted Cross Stitch Kit Mill Hill 2105 Autumn Harvest MH185202Check Price Squirrelly Beaded Counted Cross Stitch Ornament Kit Mill Hill 2012 Autumn Harvest MH18-2206Check Price Indian Corn Beaded Counted Cross Stitch Ornament Kit Mill Hill 2011 Autumn Harvest MH18-1202Check Price American Pie Beaded Counted Cross Stitch Ornament Kit Mill Hill 2016 Autumn Harvest MH181625Check Price Football Beaded Counted Cross Stitch Ornament Kit Mill hill 2011 Autumn Harvest MH18-1203Check Price

Most Important Thing!
Find the best designs for you in the
Thanksgiving Beaded Cross Stitch Kits,
or create your own.
Don’t be limited to Kits That Come With Beads


Popular Thanksgiving Cross Stitch Kits

Perfect for Adding Seed Beads to Embellish

The most popular Thanksgiving designs are taken from the Fall season. The colors of Autumn covering the landscape and the beauty of the harvests that are brought in to place on the table. Each of the designs and themes of the season are a symbol of the bountiful harvest and a winter that will be abundant.

If you purchase a kit that does not include beads, you can still add beads to the design. For instance, on the kit below, there are several options to create a “one of a kind” sampler.

Janlynn Autumn Sampler Counted Cross Stitch KitCheck Price


Autumn Cross Stitch SamplerRecommendations for Embellishing This Sampler with Seed Beads

You could add a clear seed bead to add sparkle to the eyes of each animal or person. You could even add colored beads to the grapes or to the leaf stems to accent this beautiful picture.

The titles on this sampler would be pretty highlighted with beads. The word “Autumn” gives you the perfect indication of where to add beads. I would place them on the white thread in the letters. “Back to School” would also be perfect for using beads on each letter thread.

If I embellished the word “Halloween” on the sampler, I would also add beads to the stars with the moons int he same square. Those stars would lend beautifully to bead embellishment and the beads would add a glow to the project, just as stars add a glow to our autumn nights.

Autumn Cross Stitch Sampler

Whatever part of the picture you would like to accentuate, simply add beads.

Many of the cross stitch patterns, designs, and charts are of ‘samplers’ which take less time to complete, but can be used to make small treasures. These are some of the ways you can use samplers or select portions of a sampler.

  • Book Marks
  • Gift Tags
  • Jewelry Pendants or Brooches
  • Coin Purses
  • Patches (great to adorn denim garments)
  • Pouches (to keep jewelry)
  • Ornaments
  • Refrigeration Magnets

Embellish them with beads and you have created an original piece of art!


Beaded Cross Stitch Essentials

The items you need if you are Assembling Your Own Cross Stitch Bead Kit!

You can create your own Beaded Cross Stitch Kits using any Cross Stitch Design by buying beads, a design and beading thread (when needed). This allows you to expand the possibilities way beyond any prepackaged kit.

*Note: Thread would only be needed when embellishing a finished cross stitch project. If you are adding beads as you are cross stitching the original item, simply add the beads on the floss you are already using for the project.

Scriptures of Thanksgiving – Leisure Arts Leaflet #2797 – Counted Cross-Stitch PatternsCheck Price Orange Yellow Glass Seed Beads Sz 11/0 Approx 1/2 KiloCheck Price Transfil Monofilament Thread 100% Nylon 1,094 Yards-ClearCheck Price


Beaded Beauty for the Thanksgiving Table

The dining table is one of the most important places on Thanksgiving day. This is where family and friends gather to give thanks for the harvest, for each other, and for all the blessings in their lives. It is where we share our Thanksgiving feast.

Making a cross stitch table runner for the table is a great way to incorporate the Thanksgiving beaded cross stitch concept into your holidays. If you have time you might want to add coordinating napkins to the set. This way you will have a table topper and napkins that symbolize the season you are celebrating. It also reflects your love of creating keepsakes that will be cherished for years to come.

Wouldn’t these turkeys be fun to add to your Thanksgiving holiday celebration?

 Herrschners Turkey Trot Towel Pair Stamped Cross-StitchCheck Price


This Video is the Perfect Demonstration for Adding Beads to Cross Stitch


More Great Thanksgiving Beaded Cross Stitch Kits

This design is quite elaborate and beautiful. You will want to start early so you have plenty of time to get it done in time for the holidays.

You can add this gorgeous picture to your own home decorations just in time for the guests to share the beauty of the season with you. Or, you could always give it as a gift to a loved one to always serve as a reminder of your freely give love for them.

This beautiful Fall Fairy would be perfect to embellish with beads. I would add gold beads to accentuate selected blowing leaves and black beads to the butterflies bodies. A true masterpiece with an original touch!

Dimensions Needlecrafts Counted Cross Stitch, Fall FairyCheck Price



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Thanksgiving Beaded Cross Stitch Kits