Halloween Beaded Cross Stitch Kits

Halloween Beaded Cross Stitch Kits, Patterns and SuppliesThis article includes some of my favorite Halloween Beaded Cross Stitch Kits, plus a tutorial on how to add beads to a prepackaged cross stitch picture kit that does not already include beads.  I love embellishing my needlework.  It is such an awesome way to add detail and emphasis to a piece to make it unique and one of a kind.

I really enjoy making special goodies for my family and friends for Halloween and  I have no doubt you will too.  As you read, you will find the best Halloween themes and ways to turn any design into a needlework treasure!  Make tiny candy bags, decorations, and much more with designs and patterns from the featured books.

You can also give your treasures to your favorite little trick or treaters like I do.  Why not add collectible keepsakes to your tradition to make All Hallows’ Eve unique and memorable.

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Halloween Cross Stitch Kits that Include Beads

There are many Halloween cross stitch kits available that already include beads and specialty threads.  Some kits even include charms selected to embellish the picture.  Beads, charms, and special threads all add beauty and emphasis to your needlework.

Mill Hill specializes in beautiful beaded cross stitch kits that include everything you need to complete a gorgeous Halloween design that everyone will love.

 Moonlit Treaters Beaded Counted Cross Stitch Kit Mill Hill 2017 Buttons & Beads Autumn MH141724Check PriceMoonlit Treaters Beaded Cross Stitch Kit

Kit includes beads, ceramic button, floss, needles, chart and instructions

This picture has so many wonderful Halloween images.  From little trick-or-treaters decked out in costumes, ghost, bats, cat, big moon and witch, it really is the ideal Halloween picture of fun.

This kit comes with everything needed to complete your own fabulous Halloween picture.


More Halloween Beaded Cross Stitch Kits that Include the Beads

Here are several fun and fast cross stitch kits for Halloween.  I really do love these kits that include everything needed!  It saves having to run to the store to pick up floss or aida cloth when a pattern has been selected.  When I feel the urge to cross stitch, I only have to grab one of these kits and I am ready to stitch.

 Mill Hill MH14-1206 Moonlit Kitties Beaded Counted Cross Stitch Kit Buttons & Beads 2011 Autumn SeriesCheck Price Halloween – Fridge Magnet – Cross Stitch KitCheck Price Mill Hill Into The Woods Beaded Counted Cross Stitch Kit 2023 Buttons & Beads Autumn MH142326Check Price



If You Can’t Find the Halloween Kit with Beads that You Want,

Simply buy a kit you love and add the beads!


 AngelGift Needlecrafts Stamped Counted Cross Stitch Set, Animal – Halloween Pumpkin Magic CubsCheck Price


An Example of How to Add Beads to A Prepackaged Cross Stitch Kit

It would be a sheer joy to create and embellish this beautiful cross stitch kit with beads!

There are so many options for embellishing this gorgeous cross stitch picture.  After studying it for some time, I would recommend adding black seed beads to the teddy bear’s eyes.  Plus, I would add clear beads to the purple sleeves and the matching ribbon on the hat.

Another option would be to add orange or clear seed beads to the center of the pumpkin’s eyes.

It is best to choose to embellish either the pumpkin or the bear.  I would not embellish both since the beads are used to draw attention to a specific image.

The key to beautiful picture beading is to decide where you wish to draw attention.  If this picture is for Halloween, I would opt for the pumpkin.  If it is for autumn, I would bead the teddy bear.


Essential Beaded Cross Stitch Supplies

Beads, Thread, Designs

 Fireline Braided Bead Thread, 0.006-Inch, Crystal ClearCheck PricYou can add beads to any Cross Stitch design to adapt it to a Beaded Cross Stitch project by simply adding the beads as you cross stitch.  You can even add beads to previously finished cross stitch pictures with beading thread.  The following beads and thread will get you started on your way.

From the large to small projects you can add an heirloom quality to your work by using amazing designs, fabulous colors (beads and thread).  You can also choose to do your bead work using clear beads and thread.

Using clear beads and clear beading thread will allow you to see the colors on the design

Clear beads and colored threads will allow you to create your colors with the thread

When using colored beads you can create or enhance the colors for your project with the beads.

Try these techniques on small samplers until you find the combination or combinations of ideas that you like best for your project.

 Mandala Crafts Glass Seed Beads – Sz 11/0Check Price Czech Glass Seed Beads Crystal Clear Size:11/0 50 gr / 1.76 ozCheck Price Orange Yellow Glass Seed Beads Sz 11/0 Approx 1/2 KiloCheck Price


Books Have Tons of Patterns

Pick a Pattern and Add Beads

I often find cross stitch patterns that I love, but are not available in kits.  It is a little more trouble to gather the supplies, but I get exactly what I want in the end.

Simply buy the book or pattern, the threads/floss and accent beads.  By adding the beading detail, we can detail & embellish a picture and make it a one of kind masterpiece!

One Note: Don’t let the cover of the Beaded Cross Stitch Treasures book fool you!
This book also has patterns for Halloween hangings with black cats, flying witches, ghosts, and grinning pumpkins!  The beauty of that particular book is that is shows the placement and recommended beads you will need for embellishing the patterns.

 A-Haunting We Will Go (Stoney Creek Collection Leaflet 64, Halloween Cross Stitch Patterns)Check Price Beaded Cross-Stitch Treasures: Designs from Mill HillCheck Price

Halloween Beaded Cross Stitch Kit for the Table

 Stamped Table Runner/Scarf 15Check Price

Halloween decorations should include the table dressing where you will serve your party guests or have your candy waiting for trick or treaters.  With this amazing table runner design you can create a unique table setting that will be the talk of the party.

Each motif can be cross stitched and you can do selective beading or bead every stitch.  The choice you make will determine how many beads and how much extra beading thread you will need.  If you choose to do only partial beading, consider the corners of the as your choice for bead-work.  It will the most noticed and will add elegance to your cross stitch work.

Simply buy the orange seed beads and black seed beads and add them to your design as you stitch it.  Beads can also be added to completed cross stitch pictures.

Beads sold separately above.


A Few More Great Halloween Beaded Cross Stitch Kits

These kits include everything you need to finish the project, including the beads.

Halloween would not be complete without a Haunted Mansion and spooky night moon scenes!

These are truly fabulous Halloween pictures. Choose a kit that features trick or treaters or a haunted house with a little “friendly” ghost. Or perhaps you would prefer the Owl. This owl kit has the perfect eerie setting with that big harvest moon and autumn leaves.

Of course, you may want all three since these kits are so fast and easy to complete.

 Night Owl Counted Cross Stitch Kit-5Check Price Halloween Night – Cross Stitch KitCheck Price Haunted Mansion – Cross Stitch KitCheck Price


Beaded Cross Stitch Tutorial Video

Since many of us like to see an actual demonstration of techniques, I have included this video. These women do an excellent job of showing how to add beads to a project.



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