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Animal Beaded Cross Stitch Kits
Kits that Include Beads
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This Animals Beaded Cross Stitch Kits tutorial includes my favorite mammals, birds, insects and reptiles.  Some include the patterns, beads and supplies, but most often it is necessary to assemble your own ‘kit’ to create a unique and beautiful masterpiece.

When you are putting your own together, be sure to include a fabric (the item you will be sewing the design onto), a design (an iron on or a graphed chart you can transfer by measures), needle, thread (suited for beading) and the beads.

If you are new to needlework, or are new to adapting patterns to beaded cross stitch projects, you will find helpful instructions and suggestions in this article.  I have taken several selections and given suggestions and examples of how to embellish them.  You may prefer to select a different picture and simply apply the technique to make a gorgeous work of art.


Beaded Cross Stitch Kits That Include the Beads

Everything Needed to Complete the Picture is Included

At first glance, you may wonder why I included the Fall Fairy Cross Stitch Kit on this page, but if you look closely you will see there are butterflies mixed in the leaves on this cross stitch picture.

 Dimensions Needlecrafts Counted Cross Stitch, Fall FairyCheck Price


It is always wonderful when a cross stitch picture kit that we simply adore already contains everything we need, including beads.

These kits make it exceptionally easy to create an embellished masterpiece! The instructions tell us exactly where and what color bead to place in a specific spot for that desired dramatic effect.

This beautiful angel is part of the Dimensions Gold collection which I have found to be truly exquisite because of their masterful combination of color, beauty, and embellishments. Often they include metallic tread and/or beads with eye catching placement to reflect the emphasis or light in a picture.

Beware though, you will fall in love with the Dimension kits.


Kits that Already Include Beads

 My Best Friend Beaded Counted Cross Stitch Ornament Kit Mill Hill 2007 Spring Bouquet MH18-7104Check Price Little Chickadee Beaded Counted Cross Stitch Ornament Kit Mill Hill 2018 Winter Holiday MH181831Check Price Black Swallowtail Butterfly Beaded Counted Cross Stitch Ornament Kit Mill Hill 2011 Spring Bouquet MH18-1103Check Price Tropical Kitty Beaded Counted Cross Stitch Ornament Kit Mill Hill 2007 Spring Bouquet MH18-7103Check Price



Cross Stitch Beading Tip:
You can always adapt a non-beaded pattern to a beaded pattern if you find one you like.


How to Add Beads to a Prepackaged Picture Kit

If you purchase a kit that does not include beads, you can still add beads to the design.  For instance, on the kit below, you could add gold or violet glass seed beads to accent the border of this beautiful cross stitch picture.  You could also use a black glass seed bead for his eye.

This design is worked on 14 count Aida cloth and would use size 11 seed beads.  Some beads do vary slightly in size, so you would need to lay the bead on the fabric to confirm it is the correct size.  The proper match of fabric and bead would be a bead the same size as a single stitch.  An over-sized bead will not be attractive on your finished picture and will look ill-matched.  If the bead is too small, you would not be able to see it well.

 Janlynn Cross Stitch Kit, 15-Inch by 11-Inch, Mythical Dragon PictureClick Here to Purchase


Note:  You will get everything you need except the beads. The Mythical Dragon cross stitch kit contains 14-count Black cotton Aida fabric, 6-strand cotton floss, blending filament, needle, graph and instructions

Recommended Bead Colors for Beading the Mythical Dragon

 Mandala Crafts Glass Seed Beads for Jewelry Making – 13000 11/0 Seed BeadsCheck Price Black Glass Seed Beads Beading Sz 11/0 Approx 1/2 KiloCheck Price


Assembling Your Own Kit for Beaded Cross Stitch

Supplies for Beaded Cross StitchMany of these project ‘kits’ will need to be put together by using the recommendations on this page.  Take the time to read each items description in case something has changed since the time we hand picked these items.

To widen the options for beaded cross stitch we have pulled designs from traditional cross stitch kits or books and show examples of how to use the beaded cross stitch techniques so you can create a unique work of art.



Cross Stitch Beading Supplies Tips
When you combine the beaded cross stitch techniques using a traditional ‘no-bead’ kit you will need to make sure you buy the beads for your project based on the colors in the design.
Also make sure you have the right needles and threads for the bead work.


Bead Selection

Important Note:  White beads are not “clear”

When you want the color of the design to show through a bead you will want to buy the clear (crystal clear) beads (shown later after the white beads).  You can use the crystal clear beads with clear beading thread for vivid designs so most of the color will show through.

Clear beading is ideal for complex designs with a lot of vivid colors you would like to preserve without buying a lot of colored beads.

By now, I suspect you understand the beauty of beaded texture and having a remarkable color design.  Next, you may wish to test the clear beads with colored beading thread or clear beading thread with colored beads to get the results you want for your project.  Each project will be different depending on the desired final appearance.

 Miyuki Round Rocaille Seed Beads Size 11/0 24 Grams 5 Inch Tube Pearl Ceylon WhiteCheck Price CLEAR Czech Glass Seed Beads Crystal Clear Size:11/0 50 gr / 1.76 ozCheck Price

Highlighting Areas
Pick Out One Area or Color to Embellish with Beads


Highlighting Areas with Beads

This beauty just calls to me!

I would add white seed beads sporadically in the snow and snowflakes to highlight his surroundings.  I would also place clear seed beads in the irises of his eyes to accentuate the beautiful blue color.

Beads Will Need to be Purchased Separately – Not Included with Kit

 Snow Leopard Cross Stitch KitCheck Price


The Snow Leopard Cross Stitch kit includes: Presorted Floss, Aida Cloth, Needle & Instructions


Bird Cross Stitch Kits

 Dimensions Needlecrafts Gold Collection
Counted Cross Stitch, Majestic Peacock
Check Price

It would be a sheer joy to create and embellish this beautiful cross stitch kit!

There are so many options for embellishing this gorgeous cross stitch masterpiece.  After studying it for some time, I would recommend adding clear seed beads to the yellow/gold sections of the peacock tail feathers.

I could also easily see adding seed beads to the flowers in the pot where the peacock is resting.

I would choose to embellish either the peacock tail or the flowers.  I would not embellish both.  For such a tranquil image, I believe that it would simply be too much to do both.

Majestic Peacock Kit contains:

  • Cotton thread and thread palette
  • 14-count ivory Aida
  • Needle
  • Easy instructions

Beads Will Need to be Purchased Separately – Not Included with Kit

Cross Stitched Insects with Beads Adds Such Beauty and Dimension
(You will need beads and beading thread for the following kits or patterns.)


Accenting a Dragonfly with Beads

Butterflies, Dragonflies, Bees, and all Insects Make Great Subjects for Bead Embellishment.  Insects have eyes and natural markings that make it really easy to see the perfect spots for seed bead placement!

 Dimensions Needlecrafts Counted Cross Stitch, Dragonfly DuoCheck Price


For these Dragonflies, I would use black seed beads for their eyes, or perhaps the eye-spots on their wings.

With this particular kit, placing matching red seed beads on the berries would also be an excellent way to embellish this cross stitch picture. If I could not easily match the berry red in seed beads, I would simply use the clear seed beads.

Beads Will Need to be Purchased Separately – Not Included with Kit


Accenting a Butterfly with Beads

 Dimensions Needlecrafts Counted Cross Stitch, Welcome ButterflyCheck Price


For this Butterfly, I would use black seed beads on the black line along the edge of the wings.

I would also use tiny black seed beads on his body and for the tips of his antenna.

A truly simple embellishment!

Beads Will Need to be Purchased Separately – Not Included with Kit


Find A Design
Now you will want to find a design for your project.


Pick a Pattern and Add Beads

Cross Stitch Rabbit patternCluny Tapestry Cross Stitch Rabbit Pattern

I often find cross stitch patterns that I love, but are not available in kits.  This Cluny Tapestry Rabbit is the perfect example!

Simply purchase the pattern, the threads/floss and accent beads.  On this little tapestry rabbit, I would add a black seed bead for his eye and clear seed beads in the center of each flower.  By adding the beading detail, I will turn this historic treasure into a personal heirloom!

 Scarlet Quince UNK014-D2 Cluny Tapestry Rabbit II Counted Cross Stitch Chart, Regular Size SymbolsCheck Price

Premium Black & White counted cross stitch chart

126 x 153 stitches; about 7″ x 8″ (on 18-count fabric not included)

65 colors (charted for DMC floss)

Coil bound to lie flat


Designs in Books

You can find a design for just about anyone who loves animals, insects, birds or reptiles.  You can use graphs to apply designs to your choice of fabrics, purchase your thread and beads separately to make your own project kit.

 Cross Stitch Animals: More Than 60 Captivating Designs from the World of NatureCheck Price Stoney Creek Woodland Babies BookCheck Price



Making a cross stitch project for anyone who love dogs or cats is easy with this delightful collection of cross stitch designs with dog or cat themes.  You will find designs for your beaded cross stitch projects which are cute and elegant.

 Cats of the World in Cross Stitch (Crafts)Check Price Leisure Arts-America’s Best Loved DogsCheck Price



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